Rules and Behavior with a Stripper at Your Private Event

The rules are as follows:

The girls are strictly entertainers and are to perform no extra curricular sexual activities. So please do not offend the girls by asking.

Be respectful and respect the girls boundaries each dancer has different limits on how close she will get while dancing. There is absolutely no licking or biting your entertainer. Your girls image is their lively hood. No one likes a bruised entertainer as it changes her image from classy to trashy. Do not take any photos or videos before asking the dancer. We respect your privacy and discretion please respect ours.

Do not pick up the entertainer so that there is no risk of injury to yourself or the entertainer many of our dancers are very acrobatic ( and it makes for a great show).

Do not get so wasted that you can not maintain control of yourself or your guests things can get out of hand very quickly with large groups and we do not provide refunds for such issues!

The bottom line is to respect your entertainer and treat her as you would like to be treated. The biggest rule we here at Playmate strippers is to HAVE A GREAT AND MEMORABLE SHOW!!

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