2 Girl Fantasy Shows

A 2 girl fantasy show will be the highlight of your event. Two of our sexy entertainers will show up at your event and provide your guests with a performance you could normally only see in an adult video. They will begin the show with sexy lap dances, or table dances. They will get FULLY NUDE and provide a wide variety of party games to your guests. After you have all gotten your dances and taken part in the chosen party game the girls will freshen up for a GRAND FINALLY that you will never forget.

The girls will play with each other using various parts of their bodies and just when you think its over they will bring out their toys and blow your mind. Each set of girls does a personalized version of this show and have their own set of fun toys to incorporerate. This is our most commonly ordered show, and comes highly recommended from our previous customers. Feel free when ordering to ask what girls work best together and our scheduling professional will be happy to guide you in the right direction.

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