Bachelorette Party Strippers

This service brings a sexy stud to your door all of our male strippers have been involved in many male reviews. All you have to do is pick your guy and let us know what costume you are looking for. The male dancer will arrive and knock the heels right off your female guests. Our guys all have great moves and will spend a lot of time with the soon to be bride. She will be blushing for weeks after her show.

The male dancers will provide dances to all the guests at your show and offer fun party games. Each dancer offers a different set of party games to your guests such as, whip me, helicopter, and whip cream races. Be sure your girls bring a bib because our guys are sure to make you drool!! This show last apx 1 hr. but the dancer will stay longer as longs as the girls are tipping. The more you throw the harder he will go!!

480 359-5343