Bachelor Party Strippers

This party is focused around your guest of honor. He will be teased to your liking, our girls can strip him down to his underwear and spank him, or mildly tease him. The girls will focus on just him initially and then offer dances to the other guests at your party. After all your guests have their fill of lap dances party games will take place.

Each girl or set of girls offer a different set of party games, such as, feed the kitty, body shots, whip cream races, and eat the taco. These party games are all sure to make you bachelor party memorable. Bachelor party shows last a minimum of 1 hr., however the girls will stay longer as long as your guests are tipping. The more you throw the longer they go. Our bouncers do bring ones to sell for tipping so if your run low on ones do not hesitate to ask for change.

480 359-5343